Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A blog birthday contest you're guaranteed to win....but you might lose !!

Friday, November 16, 2012
All-Tribe Baseball will be four years old !
18 days later, Baseball Dad will be 62 !
Yep, the age of social security.
Will I retire ?
Don't know yet.
Certainly not from collecting cards or blogging.
The title mentioned contest. Confused ? I sure am. Tomorrow night, Thursday night and Friday night, I'm going to be posting cards. All you have to do to win, is pick a card you would like to have and leave a comment on that post. The first person to comment about a card, wins that card. It's that simple !  Oh, wait. You can only claim one card per person. ( of course, a few others may fall into the package before I ship it to you ! )  So if you claim a card tomorrow night you win ! But if a card comes up on Thursday or Friday that you would rather have, you lose !!  You still get the first card you claimed, but you may wish that you had waited and got something you like more !
So what if you see a card tomorrow you like, but wait to see if something better shows up ? Then nothing else shows up, that interests you, so you go back to Wednesday's post to claim the first card, only to find that someone else has claimed it !!  Yeah, could be some tough decisions. Also, I don't want to see any deleted comments !! No changing your mind ! Once you claim a card, the decision is final. I'll be checking regularly. No cheating boys and girls, keep it fun and friendly !!
I will try to have cards posted by 9:00 PM  EST on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Possibly a little later on Friday.
My wife and I are taking Friday off for a little R&R to Amish country to visit a Christmas store and a few other places and we may be late getting home.
I'm not sure just how many there will be, but I will try to have a good mix of teams, players and cards.
If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post or send me an email.
randj531 at yahoodotcom
Good Luck !!