Sunday, November 4, 2012

Night Owl, I'm not living quite as "right" this year !

Last year, just about this time, I picked up a single pack of retail A&G and pulled my second ever redemption card .
I stopped at the same Meijers store and bought a single pack of 2012  a couple days ago.
A&G  back Carlos Lee mini.
Johnny (I'm glad you didn't win after leaving Cleveland) Peralta.
Nelson (Betcha' can't read what's written on my bat knob) Cruz 
And who ??
Oh, a "Superstar" electronic gamer. I'm going to have to check out his website.
Pardon the delay....
He's won $500,000.00 and a new car for playing games !!??
I need to practice up.
Maybe I can get 500k for this :
Well.....maybe not !
I do like that Meijers store though. 
I pulled another hit there once.
I don't think I've ever shown this before and I didn't think about it after I pulled Cheryl.(my mind must have been somewhere else)
Back in 1999-2000 I bought a pack of Upper Deck "A Piece of History"
Not necessarily my favorite, but probably the best card in my collection. 
That would explain one thing. One time when I took some packs to the checkout, the clerk, a gentleman about my age, said he had seen a fellow going through the card boxes feeling each pack.
Oh, crap !!
Now everyone will go there!
Attention !!!
This whole post was a hoax.
Do not go to the Sandusky Meijers store to buy sports cards.
Especially the racks right by the check outs.


  1. At my local K-Mart I pulled a Nolan Ryan jersey out of an Upper Deck pack one time. Then a year later I pulled ANOTHER Nolan Ryan jersey card out of a pack from the same store. Then the store closed :( no more Ryans for me.

  2. Awesome reggie card ! totally awesome !

  3. I got into gaming for a bit and recognize Fatal1ty as the face of Creative sound cards.

    There is some serious skill involved in playing at that level. And some serious ulcers, too.