Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baseball cards in Amish country and free card update !

Good Morning everyone !
Actually it's almost noon here but I've been up and around for about 5 hours. I've been going over the Free Card post comments and have determined that at least 23 people are reading my blog and are interested in one of my free cards.

This is the list I have so far unless someone else has commented in the last hour.
Everyone else has the rest of today and all day tomorrow to request a free card.
On Monday the remaining cards will become trade bait if anyone is interested.
As I mentioned, my wife and I took a trip to the Amish country yesterday.
The basic area is a little over an hour from here. Berlin,Ohio claims to be the largest Amish community in the world. And that place was busy !! People everywhere.
The main point of our trip was the store called "Tis the Season".  A huge Christmas shopping experience. The store is much larger than it looks, it has three levels. After that, we stopped at Cindy's Diner for a late lunch. That's where the cards come into play. The diner is under the same roof as a very large antique mall. After a great meal we needed to walk around for a while, and even though the words "antique mall" usually means "flea market with Sax of 5th  Ave prices". we decided to look around. I did see a few baseball items here and there, a few old gloves that looked interesting but way out of my price range. Then finally, clear in the back of the second story, I found a vendor with some baseball cards!

1985 Topps 3-D
4 1/4 x 6" , vacuum formed baseball "photo" as it's called.
If any of you remember the old Mattel VAC-U-FORM , they could have been made with it !
I have a couple of these around somewhere but I never had a wrapper.
Now I do ! $2.00
Then he had a box with a mixture of smaller stuff to search through.
1992 Topps Kids.
Once again, I have some of these cards but never had a pack. Unfortunately, the vendors are not always there so they have to have a sticker on each item, which a clerk removes so the proper seller gets credit. Well the sticker removed part of the wrapper with it, so I'll be looking for an upgrade on this one.

I always liked this card set. It seemed like something that would appeal to kids. After all, I like it ! Actually, I've been saving the ones I find. Don't know if I will ever complete the set, as I don't actively collect it, but who knows.

I really liked these cards where they put a face on a caricature body like this Ozzie Smith on steroids ! I had never seen the gum before either. Clever to put it in a regular gum wrapper to protect the cards.  50 cents for a pack.

There were also two packs of these. 1990 Starline cards sponsored by Long John Silvers and Coke.
They were given away with a purchase  at Long John Silvers. There were 8 different 5-card sets with most players having more than one card. Not a single Tribe card in the whole set !

I got set numbers 5 and 8.
Finally there were some Awesome All Stars packs.
99 different sticker cards aimed at the younger set.
Some of the cards are slightly funny, but someone at Leaf had a really demented sense on humor !

I do need some help on these.
There are no dates on the cards or wrappers.
When were they issued and do the different colored wrappers denote anything ?
I'm sure someone out there knows !!
Thanks !
Gotta' get back to the free cards now.


  1. I have a couple of the Starline/Long John Silvers cards, but I never saw the pack wrapper before.

  2. I have a stack of those oversized '85 3D "cards". I probably bought a dozen or so back when I was a kid with hopes of finding a Cub. I eventually found the Sandberg at a show.

  3. The Awesome all stars were from late 80s (1988?) by Donruss based on their early 70s Baseball Super Freaks. In the day I had gotten a ton of them, I still don't think I have a complete set. There are 99 "base" cards however some of the cards were released with two back variations one with the player stats and stuff and the other with a puzzle piece the variations brings a total set number to 127. I still get them a little confused with the "Baseball Gross Outs" which were released a year or two after the "all-stars" and are a very similar set with the same sort of variations.

  4. DAVE STIEB!!!! now there's a card I could relish..... I dont recall those 3D suckers at all though.... Berlin.... u werent too far from us Howard folks!!! hope u all had a great time.... seems like i may need to make a trip to the antique mall!!

  5. Topps Kids...Thought I would never see these again. Not a real bad issue too bad they didn't try one more issue. Actually have some of these somewhere. Let me know the numbers you need.

  6. Duane - I never thought about being near you guys down there. I didn't realize we were that close ! My wife wants to spend several days in that area for our anniversary on May 31st.

    Haven't decided if I'm going with her or not !!

    I could make the Stieb 3-D thingy head south, I owe you anyway.

  7. 58 Orioles - You must be new to Blogger ? Nov 2012 on your profile. Welcome! I'm not sure exactly where my others are right off hand! Send me an email so we can keep in touch.

  8. Yeah we in knox county border Holmes County and are probably #2 in Amish population... I have no idea..but we do have a lot of Amish here as well..... well now that u know where the cards are....might as well head down there and see what else they have!!! I am planning on making it to the card show in wooster in Dec.... that sucker isnt too far from you is it?