Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free cards part 2 - Nolan Ryan the Cowboy

Is everyone ready for round two ?
Right off the bat last night, the very first two comments claimed the same card.
The bad part, the date and time stamps were EXACTLY  the same.
Night Owl, The Dimwit and I had a very heated conferance call.
Actually, it was just a few emails back and forth and everyone was very calm and collected.
A deal was worked out and both Night Owl and The Dimwit still have a free choice card.
See, we are just big happy family !!
Here comes the next selection of cards for my free card, blog birthday give-a-way !
If you are just joining us tonight, you can find the complete rules and details right here.
If you have been following along you know what to do !!
All cards with RED description have been claimed !! 
 1992 Pinnacle Sidelines Nolan Ryan


1995 Score Hitter's Inc. Ken Griffey Jr.

1997 SPx Sammy Sosa

1995 Pacific Collection David Cone

1989 Bowman Fernando Valenzuela

1995 Score Hitter's Inc. Mike Piazza

2004 Upper Deck Etchings  Scott Rolen

2012 Topps Sparkly Jon Jay

I apologize for this terrible rendering !
2001 Bowman Heritage Chrome  Brandon Inge

2000 Topps Stars All-Star Authority  Sammy Sosa

1992 Upper Deck Shawn Green  ROOKIE

2007 Topps '52 Rookie Card Phil Hughes ROOKIE

 2000 Team Best   Hudson Renegades  Josh Hamilton  Promo

I should have shown the back of this card.There are no stats. It has the Team Best logo and web site.
Below it says " 2000 Team Best corporation. All right reserved.For promotional purposes only."

1988 Donruss David Cone

2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants Frank Howard.

1982 Fleer Rick Burleson

1990 Shanks Collection Jose Canseco

1981 Donruss Alan Trammell

2001 Fleer Greats Lefty Grove

2001 Topps Chrome  Baltimore Orioles Gold Retrofractor.

1991 Bowman Jim Thome  ROOKIE

2006 Fleer Francisco Liriano ROOKIE

1997 SPx Eddie Murray

2009 Enterplay an Pack Standee  Ryan Zimmerman
Player image and team logo is perforated, the card folds and the player portion "stands up"

2009 Enterplay an Pack Standee  Jim Thome
Player image and team logo is perforated, the card folds and the player portion "stands up"

2009 Enterplay an Pack Standee  Josh Beckett
Player image and team logo is perforated, the card folds and the player portion "stands up"

1982 Squirt unpunched give-a-way  Alan Trammell / Dave Concepcion

Last but not least
2000 Royal Rookies
Carlos Silva auto
Philadelphia Phillies

And now it's decision time again !!   There will be one more batch of cards posted tomorrow. Hopefully about this same time. My wife and I are going out of town tomorrow but we should be back early.  If for some reason we are delayed I will wait until Saturday night to post the last selection. Ohhh.....that would just kill you guys !  The extra time waiting !! Hmmmm........


  1. Ooooh! Junk wax of Jim Thome!
    I mean, may I please have the '91 Bowman Jim Thome? E-mail forthcoming.

    1. Sure ! I'm an Indian collector, I have about 20 of 'em.

  2. I'll take the phillies carlos silva auto dont have that one!

    1. It will be on the way ! Thanks for the address !

  3. choices choices...but who can resist a non-tattooed Hamilton Minors card? Can I please have that? Thanks!

    1. Good choice ! I will need your address please !

  4. May I pick the Murray SPX please? Thanks.

    1. You certainly may! Just send me your address please !

  5. Hmmmm indeed! Pretty cool stuff so far! Holding...

  6. If I didn't already have the Frank Howard my fave Senator I'd take that one. The Zimmerman is also tempting...
    But HOLDING for now.

  7. Grrrrrrrrrr. That Howard is SOOOOOOO tempting. But could there be better tomorrow???

    Will decide soon.

  8. I think I will jump in and take the David Cone (the good Royals one, not the yucky Mets one). My collection is currently Pacific-Cone-free, and I need to remedy that.

    Thanks so much!

  9. I am glad I waited, but only in the sense that the card I would have jumped at day 3 is something I have. So I will claim the UD Frank Howard please.

    1. It's all yours! Just send your mailing address please !

    2. Hey Jeff, I still need your address please !

  10. I'll take the Orioles team card gold refractor.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Obviously trade bait !
      Or are you switching allegiance to the Orioles?

  11. I'll get my grubby little (big?) hands on that Shanks Canseco card. Thanks a ton!

  12. OK you twisted my arm enough the 2009 Enterplay an Pack Standee Ryan Zimmerman Please.