Sunday, November 4, 2012

Indians for Orioles Trade with foul bunt

A month or so ago I got an email from William over at foul bunt . He said he had a small stack of Indian cards he would send  if he could be in line for few Orioles. Well, most of my Orioles trades have been with another popular "bird site",  but I have plenty to go around ! If you don't believe me just ask my wife !

She'd love to see me send a lot of cards out to everyone and not get anything back.

Of course, that's not  happening !

Actually, I keep all my cards in my little room and she keeps all her crafty and scrapbooking stuff in her little room and we get along just fine !! For almost 33 years now.

Anyway, back to the trade.  This is part of what I received from William.
Jason Kipnis
Jason is the only Indian since Jim Thome that I have considered starting a separate binder for.

Now we go back in time to 1974.
Frank Duffy was like of lot Tribe players.Pretty decent in the field but couldn't hit.
He came to the Indians from the S.F. Giants with Gaylord Perry for Sam McDowell in late 1971. 

Asdrubal Cabrerra, our current shortstop (as of this writing !) And my old friend Jim Thome.

Kenny Lofton and Albert Belle. These two guys created a lot of memories in Cleveland.

Choo. Will we be able to retain him ? Probably not with Scott Boras involved.
I do like these Bowman cards though.

 Hopefully these two young guns will come through in 2013. We can use their bats.

Casey Blake gold !  These 2008 Topps gold versions seem to be hard to find.

 And finally, look at that smile !
All those great years in Baltimore but he waited until he came to Cleveland to get his 3000 th hit !

William, thanks for the trade and the great Indian cards !

You should be getting a package from me next week.


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