Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free card winners !! Speak now,or forever hold your peace. There is no crying in baseball !

I really had a good time with this,
but now there is work to do.
I had 29 requests,
if my calculations are correct,
for free cards,
they are all shown below.
Sorry ! That just kind of came to me as I was writing !
But seriously, it has been a lot of fun. I added a few followers, I started following a few new (to me) blogs. I was familiar with some of you, but have never traded before.That also added some more contacts to my address book. 

And the winners, in chronological order (I think), are :
the four minis please
2012 Topps Purple Border Jordan Pacheco
Ooooh! Junk wax of Jim Thome!
I mean, may I please have the '91 Bowman Jim Thome?
I'll take the phillies carlos silva auto dont have that one
choices choices...but who can resist a non-tattooed Hamilton Minors card? Can I please have that? Thanks!
May I pick the Murray SPX please? Thanks.
Too late to claim the Jeff Kent?? If not, I'd like that one...
I think I will jump in and take the David Cone (the good Royals one, not the yucky Mets one). My collection is currently Pacific-Cone-free, and I need to remedy that.
If you're willing to ship to the Great White North, I'd love to JLarry Walker.
I am glad I waited, but only in the sense that the card I would have jumped at day 3 is something I have. So I will claim the UD Frank Howard please
Olsen auto please.
Brian McCann super shiny refratory goodness please!
The Ludwick jersey, please.
You know I'm going to claim that Matt Hague refractor! Thanks for the card giveaway and congratulations on 4 years!
Mr. Dad, I'd be honored to claim that Dubois encased in plastic.
Happy anniversary, and congrats! I'd like to claim the Thurman auto. Thanks!
I'd like to claim that Kellogg's Dave Kingman, if it's still available. Do you still have my mailing address?
Is the Miguel Cabrera still available? Gotta go for the MVP
I need the Boggs Triple Play card for my set. I would love to claim it!
Matt Campbell Jersey! Sweet!
Being a Canadian baseball fan, I would love the Joey Votto card.
I'll take the Orioles team card gold refractor.
Brett Wallace Purple, please! :-)
I'll get my grubby little (big?) hands on that Shanks Canseco card. Thanks a ton!
OK you twisted my arm enough the 2009 Enterplay an Pack Standee Ryan Zimmerman Please.
I'll take the Santana!
Is the Utley Gypsy Queen still available? Thanks!
I am another Phillies Phan late to the party. I would like the Cliff Lee Bowman Gold if it is still available.
Let me know ASAP if you think there are any mistakes !!
Thanks to all who participated. There will only be three of us here for Thanksgiving. My wife, our oldest son Josh and myself, and I don't watch football, so I hope to get most of these done and ready to mail on Friday.
I do still need addresses for the following :
Jeff Wilk      Frank Howard
Matt Wilson  Ludwick jersey
EWS  ?    The Santana card



  1. Great contest. It was cool to see how everyone claimed their card.

    I think my favorite involved "super shiny refractory goodness." Good stuff.

  2. hey if it's not too late i could use that 91 upper deck jim abbott

  3. P-town Tom.....The Capt. does come up with some good ones !

    gcrl.....Like I told one other requestor, "Technically, it's too late, but it's my blog,my contest and I make the rules !"

    Send me your address and Jim is yours !