Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You asked for it - you got it Old School OPC Box Break !

Well, I asked for suggestions and you guys gave 'em to me, so here we go!
I'm new to hosting something like this also, so bear with me. My post last night brought responses from David, Rod (Padres), Jeremy (Mets), Capt.C. (Braves), Fan of Reds (Reds) and Night Owl (Dodgers). David ,you were the first to comment so I'm offering you the Tribe if you want to get in. I already have the entire '92 Indian team set and several from 1993. Everyone,please reaffirm your choice on this post.

I'm going to combine all 3 boxes into one big break. 972 cards with 28 teams comes to almost 35 cards per team on average.Obviously that will vary.The 1992 set follows the '92 Topps set pretty close except for cards 386-407 which were all-star cards in Topps. In OPC those numbers are cards of players who were not in the 1992 Topps set.There are also 5 Gary Carter tribute cards in OPC. There may be some prospect cards with multiple players from different teams. Those will go to the team, represented on the card, that has the smallest number of cards at the end of the break.

I believe the 1993 OPC and Premier sets should be all single player cards. They do not follow the 1993 Topps set and are all new designs and photos.
Following in the wise footsteps of David, any traded player cards will go to the team as pictured on the card.

I'm asking only $4.00 per team,$7.00 for two teams. Only $2.00 for Diamondbacks or Rockies !! ( I may take them myself ) Actually ,if there ARE any Diamondbacks or Rockies, I AM keeping them !

You can pay with paypal @ randj531@yahoo.com , send a check, M.O. or hidden cash AT YOUR OWN RISK . Any checks will be dropped from 3 feet onto our hardwood floor. If it rebounds to my hand, don't hold your breath 'till you receive your cards!

There are 108 packs, so this will take some time,I never took typing in school.I am getting pretty good at hunt - and - peck though.I hope to start about 1PM EST on Sunday , 08/16/09.

Let the Game Begin !!

NOTICE: I wasn't going to mention this, it was going to be a surprise.You will probably find more than just OPC in your package, not earth shattering, but some nice surprises !

NEW NOTICE !!!!! I just discovered a slight error. There may be Colorado Rockies cards in the 1993 boxes. I had Marlins listed but not Rockies. If anyone wants the Rockies at any time ,they can have them for $3.00. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox Night Owl (PAID)
California Angels
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians David (PAID) Thanks !
Detroit Tigers Don (confirmed)
Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins Dan (confirmed)
New York Yankees ny_hitman_23 (confirmed)
Oakland Athletics Motherscratcher (PAID) Thanks !
Seattle Mariners Nathaniel Edwards (PAID) Thanks !
Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays Capt. Canuck (PAID) Thanks !
Chicago Cubs wickedortega (PAID) Thanks !
Cincinnati Reds Fan of Reds (PAID) Thanks!
Atlanta Braves Capt.Canuck (PAID) Thanks !

Florida Marlins wickedortega (PAID) Thanks !

Colorado Rockies
Houston Astros jdhclarten03(confirmed)
Los Angeles Dodgers Night Owl (PAID) Thanks !
Montreal Expos
New York Mets Jeremy (PAID) Thanks!
Philadelphia Phillies Motherscratcher (PAID) Thanks!
Pittsburgh Pirates ny_hitman_23 (confirmed)
St. Louis Cardinals
San Diego Padres Rod (PAID) Thanks!
San Francisco Giants MattR (confirmed)


  1. Okay, I'm still in for the Mets. I might take a few more slots later if they're open. I'd like to give some other people a chance to pick first.

  2. I'm in, and if it's okay, I'll take the Jays as well.
    If someone really wants them as their first choice, that's okay.
    I'll send paypal on wednesday...

  3. I sent my payment for the Reds spot! Thanks!

  4. Cool stuff. I'll take the Tigers. I don't do paypal, so you will have to send me your address for payment.

  5. Hi Don, welcome to the blogosphere !If you send me an email with your address, I'll return one with mine. Thanks !

  6. If David doesn't want the Indians, I'll take them. Otherwise, I'll take the Twins.

  7. I'll take the Marlins and Cubs... thanks! i'll send paypal right now!

  8. I'll take the Phillies and the A's

    I'm willing to switch teams if there is anyone else who is a fan of one of those theams that wants in on this.

    Paypal comin' your way tout sweet.

  9. Thanks guys !! I'm a little heavy on the National League but there is still time to get in. Dan, I'm still waiting to hear from David.I'll make sure you are in one way or the other !

  10. Schweet! Heck yeah, count me in for Tribers! I'm sending payment right after I type this up! coming via PayPal! WAHOO TRIBERS!

  11. Ooh--fun. I missed this entry. Are the Giants still available?

  12. I would like the Mariners. I would really like the Braves, but oh well. I'll Paypal shortly.

  13. Can I get the Yankees and Pirates if it's still possible?