Monday, August 31, 2009

The Power of the Comment

We all read blogs.Some more than others.Sometimes we make a point of checking certain ones every night, some maybe only once a week. If there is a comment we may take the time to see what someone had to say about the post and maybe even comment ourselves. I know I like to see comments on my posts. That lets me know for sure that someone is reading. But first you have to write something that stimulates the mind of the reader.I don't think I do that too often. Writing is my son's forte, I just kind of "wing it"! ( I would like to change that a little as time goes on though ) I do leave a comment or two here and there. A couple weeks ago I left one here : First Day Issue. I saw the title and author on Night Owl's blog list, and it was not familiar, so I clicked on it. First Day Issue was a newer blog started by a Seattle Mariners fan on the west coast. I welcomed him to the blogosphere and made a casual remark about trading Indian cards for Mariners. After a couple emails back and forth I received this in the mail :

Over 300 Tribe cards !!!
I didn't know what to think when I opened the box.
I shuffled through the stack and just became more and more overwhelmed at what I was finding.Obviously I can't show every card ,well I guess I could, but I may lose a lot of readers before I got through. I just pulled out some of the highlights to share with those who are interested.

The blaster box is merely a prop to show the size of the stack.

Another break down of the same stack.

There were 3 non-baseball cards.
1991-92 Skybox Terrell Brandon of the Cavs
2008 Topps Mayo Cut Plug Shaun Rogers of the Browns
( I think my youngest son is interested in that set; yeah it's yours if you're reading ! )
2000 Donruss Classics Braylon Edwards of the Browns

This pair of Bowman prospects are my first Matt LaPorta cards.
He has been showing some promise as of late.

Here we have a 2001 Pacific Private Stock Kenny Lofton game-used jersey card surrounded by 2007 Topps JhonnyPeralta black and blue refractors.

The following shows some examples of the rest of cards that Bud sent.

There is really a great mixture of players, years and brands.

The moral of the story is:

Don't be afraid to speak up. Someone may not like what you have to say, but what do they know ?!

Thank you very much Bud, for this terrific box. Hopefully you will like the priority mail box that is headed in your direction just as much as I enjoyed this.


  1. Holy Moly! That's a lot of Tribe cards. Nice haul. I'll have to check that blog out.

    I love comments too. I'm not sure why. I try to make sure I leave comments as often as possible. But, too often I can't think of anything funny, or clever, or worthwhile to say.

    I guess I just have to realize that people still appreciate a comment, even if it's just to say "Hey, I read this!"

  2. Man, that is spectacular!! Nice collection of Tribe cards, for sure!

  3. Yeah, Bud's got an absolute endless river of cards. I'm glad I was able to point you in his direction!

  4. Jack,
    If you received any trading material, let me know. The minor league sets are still available. Harold

  5. Hey baseball dad, glad you enjoyed the cards. It has been a great experience to start a blog and share my love for the hobby with others. I appreciated you stopping by my blog and hope to send you more Indians as I receive them. Take care!

  6. Well,that got some comments !Motherscratcher : I've been around almost a year now.I've come to know your comments without even seeing your name (that's meant in a good way).Your unique way of putting a point across is unsurpassed!.David :Thanks! I think we both make each other jealous with our maildays.Night Owl : You are one that I always try to read every night.You have a wit about yourself too! I'll be watching for Thome Dodger cards for you! Kentucky !! I haven't heard a word out of you for awhile ! I'm not sure what you need,you need to post a want list! I am still very interested in the minor league cards.Madhandle11 I'll also be saving Mariners for you!I don't run across to many exotic ones but I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks again. In leaving I have a little teaser.I received an email from a non-blogger, on the west coast, who said he had about 1200 Tribe cards to send me.We'll see what happens !!

  7. That is a sweet trade... I live for the comments on my blog personally. A wise person told me that if you expect people to comment on yours, you beter comment on everyone elses... I have 80 blogs on my blog roll now and I do acutally read every one of them (sooner or later) and try to comment when I can. Sometimes the poster just says it all...Great haul brother!