Saturday, August 29, 2009

Post OPC break post, Mail day

This is the first of my belated trade posts. This one came from from Lonestar.

Ok, the first one's a Yankee. But there's an awesome Tribe patch commemorating the '54 All-Star game in Cleveland. Then a very shiny Hafner Man of the Year.
Then an older player on a new card and a newer player on an old card.Of course, Farrell isn't playing anymore,but neither is Feller, but Feller played before Farrell .... now I'm getting confused! Next !

X marks the spot for Sizemore. He's been heating up here as of late.

Some more young and old. We got Bert towards the end of his career but he still posted an 11-2 record with 2.89 era in 1981. I wonder if they wooden spikes when he was born in Holland ?

Next we have a mini-Topps Joe Carter and another old vs. new comparison of 1st basemen.

Ah yes, the good old days ! C.C. in a Tribe uniform.

And then, a collage of other great cards !

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Group breaks are fun. Yeah, but if you are the breaker, maybe you shouldn't do 3 - 36 pack boxes at the same time! Thanks again to everyone who participated and I hope you all enjoy the cards I sent. They were all shipped out this week.

It was fun, but I got way behind on posting trades and other meaningful "stuff". I will try to catch up and hope I don't forget anyone. If I do, I'm very sorry, I really appreciate everything everyone has sent to me and it was all GREAT !!

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