Sunday, August 30, 2009

More belated trades - David,Capt.C. and First Day Issue

After cleaning piles of cards off the top of my desk I finally found the cards I received from David from his 2009 A&G box break.
These Tribers were a good start to my Indian set this year. I have found a couple others since...

....however, I'm not collecting this set and these are available for trade if anyone is interested.
The Swiss flag is actually from 2007 . I would like to trade it for a U.S.A. flag.

Thanks again David for the the box break and the great cards !

After a casual comment to Bud at First Day Issue, to welcome him to the blogosphere, I mentioned that I would be interested in trading Indian cards for Mariners. Well, after a couple emails I received this box in the mail !!

Over 300 Tribe cards !!!

After a quick glance through the box there are many I know I need.I will have a separate post on this later. Also have a package from the Great White North.I'll showcase Capt. Canuck's goodies later also. He seems to be tied up with football right now. Or at least the cheerleaders!

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