Sunday, August 23, 2009

Old School OPC break news

Ok, the packages are all sorted,a few extras added to each one and should start going to the post office tomorrow on my lunch hour.The lines are long so I will probably make two mailings with the ones farthest away going out first. Hey, Capt.Canuck, to save postage I'm putting yours in a bottle and tossing it into the lake so watch the shore line !!!

Team breakdown is as follows:

Blue Jays 80 cards
Braves 47
Yankees 41
Mets 41
Phillies 40
Red Sox 40
Dodgers 39
A's 38
Reds 38
Tribe 35
Giants 34
Twins 34
Mariners 31
Cubs 30
Pirates 29
Padres 26
Tigers 24
Marlins 23

There were 8 cards with multiple teams represented.According to the rules, this is how they were divided.

Card # 58 Yankees-Mariners-Brewers (team not chosen) -Orioles (team not chosen) Card goes to Mariners (fewest total cards)

Card #179 (2) White Sox(team not chosen)-Yankees-Pirates-Yankees. Both cards go to NY_hitman (he picked Pirates and Yankees)

Card #551 Orioles-Cubs(team not chosen)-Expos(team not chosen)-Braves.Card goes to Cubs(fewest toal cards)

Card # 591(2) Royals(team not chosen)-Mets-Mets-Indians. 1 card to Mets and 1 card to Indians

Card # 656 Tigers-Dodgers-Indians-Yankees.Card goes to Tigers(fewest total cards)

Card # 676 Twins-Yankees-Mariners-Cubs. Card goes to Cubs (fewest total cards)

I added some extra cards to each team pack. ( My wife seems to think I have too many cards, I just don't understand !) Everyone will receive approx. 70-80 cards for each team they picked.They will be mostly commons, picked at random from various years, for the same team you picked.
Once again, thanks to everyone who participated and I hope all will be satisfied !


  1. uh.. you realize that Alberta is land locked, right? Maybe tie it to a goose flying north in the spring or something...

  2. I thought maybe you could use a vacation down at the lake shore,but a goose could be arranged too. They're always flying over Sandusky where I work.I think they like all the food at Cedar Point,which is right down the road.