Monday, March 9, 2009


Anytime I can acquire Tribe cards and get rid of some cards I really don't care about is a great trade opportunity in my book !! I got that chance a week or so ago with Sooz over at "A Cardboard Problem" . She had these black Topps Tribe cards.
Scott Lewis , Asdrubal Cabrera and Cliff Lee.
Mark T. looks a little like Ty Cobb with his spikes heading for Asdrubal's ankle !

And a Cliff Lee ERA League Leader.
Sooz also tossed in a couple '09 Upper Deck Indians ,
Fausto Carmona and Jhonny Peralta.

Ok , I know these aren't members of the Tribe although Roger Maris was at one time !
I really can't say I "hate " the Yankees , but I'm definitely not a big fan. However , I am a huge fan of baseball history and really like the retro player cards. I also like the new Toppstown cards and would like to complete a set of them , base and gold.
So I sent Sooz some Jeter cards and she sent me these in return !
And we all lived happily ever after.......

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