Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last night when I got home there were a couple bubble mailers waiting and one very large box !

This Thome came from a fellow Tribe collector Harold at BLUE GRASS SMOKE SIGNALS

Not only did he send the Thome , he sent the whole set !!

I had been wanting this for long time. One of Thome's 2 first year cards.

Thank you very much , I'll be searching your want list for a thank you package !

Along with the Burlington set he also include this Steve Olin card. I also have a separate collection for him. A very promising career ended way too early.

The next few cards were some Ebay purchases.

2001 Feer Premium Star Ruby

1997 Eddie Murray Pacific Gold Crown Die-Cut

1997 Joe Carter Finest Embossed Masters

I really like the 3-dimensional embossed cards

1999 Roger Clemens Pacific Crown Royale Pivotal Players.

This is for sample collection.

and for my Pinnacle Inside collection :

1998 Mike Piazza Behind the Numbers

Last, but certainly not least, was a huge box of cards from David at Indians Cards and then some

This was part of his post Christmas clean-out -the-office -or-else ! giveaway.
My boys have been pretty good so this will be dropped off by the Easter Bunny !!

Thank you very much David , if you've been good maybe the Easter Bunny will leave you something too !

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  1. Glad ya got 'em and I hope y'all have fun going through them!! You should find some nifty 'surprises' in there. :-)