Monday, March 2, 2009


I read about how some of you feel when you come home to find packages in the mail. Well , I'm starting to feel that too ! I'm finding out that trading with other bloggers really is a great way to turn cards you don't want or need into cards you DO need ! For a handfull of duplicate Omar V. cards that Dan over at "Saints of the Cheap Seats" needed , he sent me these in return.

Josh has been looking OK so far this spring and even though "Gutt" isn't with us anymore ,it's still a Tribe card to me.

Of course C.C. "s gone too but I'm sure we will be facing him when we open up the new Yankee stadium. I'll give him 6 innings !

This is nice ! An A&G Victor jersey.

This was even better !!!
Very beautiful card.
Thank you verrrrry much Dan !

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