Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Target Topps Throwbacks Have Arrived ! Along with A "Grand " package.

Right next to the Sandusky Mall , where I go to walk every night after work , is our local Target.I decided to stop in tonight. There were some new boxes of Topps and sure enough the # was 1-825-50-12-9 !! I picked up one box , there was at least two more , paid and hurried to my car to open at least one pack. The first little peak behind the torn wrapper told me this was what I was waiting for ! The gray colored back was a dead give-a-way. On the front side was the retro Topps logo. But wait , that was it ? To me this parallel is the real "gimmic" this year. I really like the black borders. They " jump" out at me , but I have no real desire to purchase another box of these.Although I DO have to have all the Tribe cards and this was not a good box for them. However , this is what I got .....
The one lonely Indian was at least a good one in Cliff Lee. Now I need the normal base card version.

I do like the red and black backs on the Tribe cards.Those are our HS colors.

Pack one : Nick Markakis Toppstown , Ted Williams Legends and Cliff lee
Chris Duncan
Shane Victorino
Phil Coke , Rookie
Tom Gorzelanny
Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Pack two :
Mark DeRosa , gold and a pair of Ichiros
Andrew Jones
Angel Berroa
Yuniesky Betancourt
John Baker
Miguel Cabrera

Pack three :
Alfonso Soriano Toppstown and Kila ( glad I'm typing and not reciting ! ) Ka'Aihue
Kyle Kendrick
Chris Young
Kevin Slowey
Mike Lowell
Edgar Gonzalez
Joe Maddon
Pack four :
David Wright Turkey Red , Hunter Pence , Miguel Cabrera Toppstown
Tim Hudson
Mark Reynolds
Clint Barnes
Tim Lincecum
Randy Johnson

Pack five :
Jake Peavy Toppstown , Mariano Rivera
Marlon Byrd
Juan Pierre
Frank Catalanotto
Kazmir & Price " Ray Guns " Classic Combos
Chris Coste

Pack six :
Bobby Cox , Roy Halladay Gold Toppstown , Johhny Cueto ( doesn't he know how to spell Jhonny ? )
Jermaine Dye
Alex Rodriguez
Ryan Madson
Brad Ziegler
Brandon Inge
Pack seven :
Jay Bruce , Evan Longoria highlight , leads Rays to first playoff
Christian Guzman Turkey Red , Justin Morneau Toppstown
Edgar Renteria
Erik Bedard
James Shields
Mike Napoli

Pack eight :
Francisco Rodriguiz Toppstown
A.J. Pierzynsky
Denard Span
Edwin Encarnacion
John Lackey
Mat Gamel Rookie
Jon Garland
Ronnie Belliard

Yes , there were ten packs in the box. Each son got one , that's why I'm known as " BaseballDad "

Oh yeah , there was also this ...

The patch cards might make me buy another box , personally I like them.

Also ,in the mail today , I received my share of Grand cards box break. All Tribe players , of course ! Thank you very much Dan. Thanks for the extrs also !!


  1. Three Tigers in one box! You must have been good in an earlier life. Glad you enjoyed the cards, I'm planning to do another break with these cards if you're interested.

  2. The "Tiggers" will be on their way to you ! Yes I'm interested in the next break.

  3. damn topps! talk about gettin' yer money's worth from team/player collectors this year! the blacks are cool, these look a tad weak.

  4. Are the inserts (Legends, Toppstown) gray backs, too? Or the usual?

  5. So are these really grey cardboard or just grey-tinted white cardboard? Are they similar to Heritage? Are the fronts glossy? Sorry for all the questions I'm debating whether to buy some.

  6. The inserts are all the same in all boxes. The base card backs are a just a dull gray cardboard like years ago ! I don't really see the point in these , other than like "The Drizz" said.

  7. I didn't even notice at first , but even the gold card has the new logo and shiny back !