Friday, March 13, 2009



No it's not one of those 1960's horror movies.

( As a kid I did watch those all the time though)

No it's not part of the recession package and there won't be an extra tax on baseball cards !

(at least I don't think so.)

But have you found any of these inside a pack of Topps cards

That's right , they are in stores now ! At least Wally World ( Better known as Walmart )

This is how they come.

A blister pack for $3.98.
Here's what you get .....

17 Player cards. Red background for American League and blue for National League.

1 Code card to get the game started.

1 Shiny silver foil card

1 Shiny gold foil card

What I got :

Mark Buehrle P AL

Johnny Cueto P NL

Carlos Zambrano P NL

Derek Lowe P NL

Kenji Johjima C AL

Chris Iannetta C NL

Chase Utley 2B NL

Stephen Drew SS NL

J.J. Hardy SS NL

Eric Chavez 3B AL

Magglio Ordonez O AL

Jermaine Dye O AL

Jacoby Ellsbury O AL

Curtis ( I know who wants this one ! ) Granderson O AL

Brad Hawpe O NL

Shane Victorino O NL

Randy Winn O NL

Russell Martin C NL CODE CARD


Carlos Quentin O AL

I just picked these up tonight after work and haven't had a chance to check the site to see how they work yet.There was no checklist either so I'll have to look for that. You obviously will need more than 1 pack to make an all AL or NL team. I didn't even get a 1st baseman.Just another fun , sideline set to go into the box with my MLB Showdown cards !


  1. I almost picked up a pack of these, but by the time I got to the checkout, I forgot! Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I picked up five packs of these tonight. I got at least one card from 29 of the 30 ML teams. No Mets, though, so I was not exactly pleased.

    Beckett has the cards listed if you want to see a checklist. I have no idea where the card numbers are though. ;)

  3. I was going to buy the starter deck of these myself, but when I saw the retail Heritage I opted for those. I am sure I will end up buying them at some point though.

  4. I just posted on my Topps Attax pax the other day.

    They're fun. I like bright cards.