Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This another one my ways to have fun with cards.
I have this old timey photo album , the one with plain black pages , and you have to tape , glue or otherwise attach your items for display. I chose "otherwise" and use the little black triangles you stick on the corners.

This is one of the pages.I add the balloons for text just like in the "Sunday funnies".
I typed them out below so you can read.

" What's with you Olerud ?! No matter where I hit the ball you're always there !"

" Hey , I don't get so much playing time in Southern California.You learn to move fast up north where it's cold ! "

"When we steal bases , we STEAL bases ! Right Rickey ? "

"That's right Kenny, but in that Georgia clay, how do you stay so Clean ?!!"

" Oh , come on Ump !! How can I tell where the base is supposed to be ? Rickey stole it during inter league play last week ! "

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