Monday, March 30, 2009


I got home a little late tonight but no one was home anyway. My wife had taken our oldest son to a local community college, where he's taking some classes, so I had the house to myself. The first thing I do is turn on the MLB channel. There doing a special about the Indians but its supposed to be a spring training game against the Padres. The game was blacked out !! So I turn to Sports Time Ohio and there it is.Pavano's pitching and we're down 2-0. But wait, Pronk comes to the plate ! The poem " Casey at the Bat " comes to mind. Hafner is hitting like .225 but I think to myself, he's gotta' be due. Sure enough, a 400' blast to center puts the Tribe on the board ! Well, they go on to win 5-2, and Pavano looked pretty good.He settled down and retired about 10 in a row. Cabrera also hit his first HR of the spring. During the game I'm looking at the entertainment center and I realize BASEBALL SEASON HAS FINALLY STARTED ! My wife has this plaque she puts out every spring and tht's how I know !

This is when she gives in and relinquishes the TV to me! She really is a very wonderful and understanding woman.In a couple months we will have been married 29 years and still have not had a fight ! People don't believe us when we tell them we don't fight or argue about anything, but we don't. We both have learned to bend and we both give and take a little. And now, back to Baseball Tonight !

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  1. That is great!! I'm showing that to my wife tomorrow!