Monday, June 11, 2012

Do you remember Bluegrass Smoke Signals ?

If you do, you've been around the baseball card blogs for a while, and you'll be glad to hear that he is still alive and kicking. At least as of a couple months ago.

Kentucky Harold, as he went by, was another displaced Indians fan. We once met in Columbus,Ohio to take in an Indian minor league game.He still emails me once in a while.He gave up blogging about 3 years ago.

We once made a mega trade. He wanted to get rid of some minor league sets and I had a lot of newer duplicates so we traded about 400-500 cards. You can see what he got here. And what I got here !

Well, Harold wanted to get of some more so he sent me these :

Here is a sampling of some of the cards Harold sent me.
There were 52 sets and a little over 1500 cards!

1993 Classic Gold Man Ram at bottom right.

Now I am searching for newer  team sets to send back to him.

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  1. Dude, that's sweet! Check out the '82 Waterloo Indians set (bottom right in the third pic). Should be a Jerry Nalley card in there. Dude was a country cousin of mine and my grand dad gave me a beat up copy of that card when I was 7. Great stuff!