Thursday, April 16, 2009

My half of the Mega trade

A few weeks ago I got wind of the fact that Harold, at Bluegrass Smoke Signals ,was going to get rid of his minor league team sets and concentrate on newer Tribe cards. So we had several conversations back and forth and finally settled on a package deal. He sent me a very detailed want list and I headed for my duplicate Indian box. Harold didn't want inserts, minis, high-end rookies or cards of players traded to Cleveland, but still in their old team's uniform. Just base cards.He also had some sets completed so he gave me a list of sets that he had no cards from at all. I searched through my duplicate cards, that my two sons have already been through, to come up with some that Harold needed. I came up with 400+ Tribe cards, put them in a box along with about 40, empty 9-card pages and shipped them off to Harold. He seemed to be very happy with what I sent, Mega Trade with Baseball Dad .

This is what he sent me in return.

Over 400 Cleveland Indian Minor League cards. Already sorted and in pages ! Some of the significant cards are shown below.

In looking at minor league team sets, you realize just how tough it is to get to "The Show". Especially in the older, lower class team sets. You're lucky if you have even heard of one or more of the players. Until you get to the AAA teams, where the creme of the crop is starting to collect, then the names become more familiar.

Harold and I, and our wives are also planning to meet in Columbus, here in a month or so, to check out the Tribes new AAA team ,The Clippers. They have a brand new stadium so we're going to see how they're doing !

Thanks again Harold for the great trade !

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