Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things are Funner Here Too !

Especially when I receive new packages of Tribe cards in the mail !

Although it's probably more funner for me in Cleveland, even though we lost last night (first time we've been shut out this season), than it is for Julie in Philadelphia right now.

But, being a good sport, she sent me some very nice Tribe cards.

Starting with a couple 1979 Topps.

Bernie Carbo bounced around between several teams but did hit .287 for Cleveland in 1978.

Dan Briggs didn't fare so well in the majors. Drafted in 1970 by the Angels, he came to Cleveland in March of  '78 and left in March of  '79.

2011 Bowman  Carlos Santana. Not quite a superstar yet but has great potential. Needs to control swinging for the fences.

Golden Topps !
My collection is lacking in gold versions and these are very appreciated !
We did manage to beat Jake in St.Louis Friday night.

I miss Stadiun Club. They were really nice cards.
This 1999 shows Charlie Nagy with his short lived blond hair !

Dwight Gooden made a brief stop in Clevland,1998-99, toward the end of his career.
His tank was getting a little empty by then but the veteran presence is usually good for the rookies.

This rounds out a nice selection of Tribe cards.
Plus 2 1999 Upper Deck cards, Mike Jackson and Enrique Wilson, that somehow missed my photo session !

Thanks Julie for the great cards !  Always nice trading with you !

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