Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random cards from Royals and Randoms

I recently made a trade with Josh over at Royals and Randoms.
We've had dealings before so I knew it would work out well.

I picked a few cards from his trade bait lists.

Now before you jump to any conclusions, no, I didn't jump on the Rangers bandwagon. Nor did I start a collection of juicers ! These two oddball cards just happen to fit into my Sample Card Collection.

 Josh also had a couple 2012 Topps stickers I need. There doesn't seem to be as much hype over these as there was last year. I'm pretty slow at collecting them myself.

Finally there were two All-Time Baseball Greats I was interested in.

Josh also threw in a Jim Thome Hometown Heroes card and
a Charles Nagy Topps Big.

 Last but not least was a 2002 MLB Showdown Omar Vizquel I needed. and
a 2006 V-Mart  Bowman Gold.

Thanks Josh for the great trade !!

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    I finally posted your half! :-) Thanks.
    -Josh D.