Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Archives Indian Team set from Community Gum

Thanks to Community Gum, and their fantastic group break, I have already completed the Indians Archives base set !

If only they had included Kipnis, Perez and Brantley it would be a true "team" set.
As it is, there is no 2nd baseman, no closer or relief pitcher and only two outfielders.
Oh well ! I do like the set though.

Larry Doby and Bob Feller were two good choices for the reprint series.
After Feller passed, I was afraid the card companies would flood the market with his cards.
Fortuneately, they did not. I really hate it when they get too carried away with some of the past stars.
I think it means so much more when you only see a limited number of cards, especially HOF'er's.

I do like the Gold Rainbow Foilboard parallel set.
Ubaldo is the only one I have so far, so I'm looking for help on all the others !

I also really, really want the Bert Blyleven mini auto !
 And the Joe Charboneau auto.

There is one more Tribe card.
An original Albert Belle. But that will probably be too hard to come by.

Thanks again guys !!

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