Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fan of Reds - Sometimes the break gets you,sometimes you get the break !

This is a long overdue post and involves a lot of great cards so there may not be too much commentary.

Some people don't like trade posts anyway but I feel if someone sends me cards, whether I buy or trade for them, they deserve a post !

Most anyone who is reading my dribble surely knows about Fan of Reds' Trade stacks.

I have requested several of them in the past and this is what I received in my last one.

The above cards and poster were all part of the stack I chose. However, I have no interest in any of them so if anyone is interested, just leave a comment.

This is the card that made me pull the trigger !

Not really sure why, but I like promo cards.

There were 8 different promo phone cards produced.They were given out at the Classic booth, at the 1995 All-Star game Fanfest, when you gave up a ticket stub.
You also received a pack with a useable $10 phone card inside.
There were 57 different phone cards available. Cal Ripken Jr. had 5 variations including an
autographed version.

When I see a box break from the late '90's and early '00's I take notice. To me, these are the "magic years" for modern Indian baseball cards.

This had to be one of the best Indians break I have ever been in on !
And this was the other !

I asked Fan of Reds to save me a wrapper from each box and this is what I received :

This was a great time for the Indians and their baseball cards.

 Jim Thome base and pinstripe parallel.

 All-Star inserts #'d to 2950.

David Justice red on top  #004/299

 Richie Sexon base and blue parallel

Nearly 70 Tribe cards plus a dozen duplicates!

And, everyone got a random team also.
After agreeing to a three way trade, I ended up with the Brewers.

Glad they weren't my primary choice as there was a very limited number of cards.

These are all available if anyone is interested.

 Thanks to Fan of Reds from Nachos Grande  !

He also has a great break going on right now. Check it out here !


  1. Glad you liked the cards! The Trade Stacks are always fun - I never know who will claim them (or what card will make someone pull the proverbial trigger)!

  2. Yeah, the late '90s/early '00s are definitely good times for Indians cards. Yankees, Braves and Astros, too. But not for Dodgers.

  3. Is the John Smoltz poster available by chance? Thanks!