Monday, March 1, 2010

The Original Bip ?

I know this is off the Tribe path but it seems pertinent to all the goings on of late !!

I just did a trade with Carl Crawford Cards and included a couple minor league cards. He sent me an email tonight about the trade. He thought I must have done some digging to find the "Bulls" cards. Actually, I didn't really dig that deep but he got me thinking. So I dug a little deeper into my minor league box and ran across this !!

Yep, "Bip" was numero uno in this set ! This has to be be one of his first cards. Now if I just had about 200 of them !!


  1. That is awesome! The "proto-Bip."

    Thanks again for the great cards. I still can;t get over the Avery and Gathright. Post coming soon!

  2. CC, I think I found a few more Bulls too.I'll set them aside.

  3. What would you like for you Bip. I am trying to collect all of Bips cards

  4. Rod , send me an email !