Saturday, March 13, 2010

I told you not to talk about my Mother !!

First, a quick update on the Card Collector.

Thanks very much to the following :

David @ Indians baseball cards and then some
Capt. Canuck @ Waxaholic
NY_hitman_23 @ sports-n-more-trading-cards
Harold @ Bluegrass smoke signals
Tungusta @ long flyball to because...

The five of them, along with myself, have agreed to purchase 6 of the 10 Card Collector programs I will be ordering next week. It's not too late to get in on this deal ! Leave a comment here or send me an email @ if you are interested.

Getting back to my Mother, or actually Omar Vizquel's mother.

I was putting some prized trade material, that I have received from many various bloggers this year, into my binders when I ran across this card.

Now Omar is not a real big guy, but in this shot, it looks like he took a swing and knocked the poor catcher right off his feet! With his hands slightly clinched and the look on his face I wonder if the catcher had some comment about his family heritage !


  1. He does look like he's just punched that guy. Funny.

  2. Looks like an old fashioned NYC mugging