Sunday, March 7, 2010

Treasures From the Troll

Well, we've all the heard the Troll's terrible tale of his parking lot woes. I just want to say again how sorry I am for ya' buddy. I just sent you and Wicked most all of my good Rays stuff, but I'll try to find a few more items!

In the mean time, these are the great Tribe cards Troll sent me in trade.

We start with a couple 2009 Topps Heritage cards.
Shin-Soo Choo
Rookie David Huff
Staying with Heritage
Justin Masterson
Grady Sizemore

Here we back up a little.
Back in 1994, Topps issued the 1954 Archives set.
The set duplicated the original 1954 set except for two cards, #'s 1 and 250.
Ted Williams was on both of those cards,and ironically, in 1994 he has a contract with Upper Deck and couldn't be included in the set!
This card is a copy of Al Smith's 1954 rookie card.

The next card is a 1996 Upper Deck Sandy Alomar.
This a very nice action shot of Sandy doing his job at the plate.

Back again to 1974.
This unnumbered team checklist is neat with the team autographs on the front.

Now we're back into my days!!
1964 Topps Al Luplow and 1959 Topps Woody Held.
I remember watching both of these guys play for the Tribe when I was a young kid!

The above cards were all random additions to our trade.
They were all a nice bonus!
The two cards below were the ones I was actually trading for.

Yep, "The Mick"
He was in his heyday when I was growing up n the late 50's - early 60's.
Every kid on the block wanted to be Mickey when we got together for a ball game.
I was a die hard Indian fan, but Mantle was still my hero in baseball.
I now have about 87 Mantle cards.
Unfortunately, they're all retro.

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