Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another one bites the dust.....

First I want to welcome Joe to the baseball blogosphere. He just started up a new blog about a week ago called The Sandlot. He has made a few trades with me and some other bloggers and I have been very well pleased. You can see the results of one of his trades here. On his initial post he admits an "R" rating at times for word usage but I think he'll do OK. He also has some very nice relics and auto's listed for trade. So check him out for yourself !

And now, add Kerry Wood to the revolving list of the Cleveland Indians pitching staff.

When he had some soreness for a few days they said " Don't worry, be Happy!" everything will be ok. Maybe in July!

So now, everyone has to step up a little and rethink the first few weeks of the season.Fortunately we do have have some depth and there are guys who can the job done.I'm still optimistic about the season.

I'm still not totally sold on Manny Acta, but I'm not condemning the move either.I want to see how he reacts during the season. Will he remove a pitcher from the game he thinks it's time, or will he let the pitcher decide." How do feel? Do you want stay in?" Did you ever hear a pitcher answer "I feel really bad.I think I'm done,take me out."

I also would like to see a little more small ball, move the runner and get him home type of play,in certain situations.

All in all I feel pretty good about the season at this point.

I'm ready for Opening Day !


  1. Welcome to the injury black hole that is Kerry Wood!

  2. Yeah,I was a little leary when they brought him in,but I'll give anyone a 2nd er.. 3rd..4th chance.

  3. Hey, we're Tribe fans, we'll give 'em a 6th, 7th or 8th chance! :-)