Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Chocolate Tribe

Food products and baseball cards.

You don't see them as much today as in the past, but food product companies have always liked to use baseball cards as a gimmick or premium to sell their products. Especially if the product was kid oriented. Such as chocolate!

In 1984 Nestle's and Topps combined to create a Nestle version of the entire 1984 Topps set. All 792 cards!

The only catch was, they were offered in 132 card sheets as a premium with some of their products. 4000 sets were supposedly printed.

As it turned out, due to the size of the sheets, they were more valuable as individual cards.

So most of the sheets have been cut, and not necessarily in the most professional manner!

In this photo, I tapped the cards on my desk to even out the stack at the bottom.

As you can see there is a obvious size discrepancy in both the height and width of the cards.

This photo shows the 3 1/2 " side of the cards.
You can imagine what this does to the centering of the image!

I have always liked the oddball sets and this one fits in very nicely with my collection


  1. That's a great set. I never knew it existed. I always like that 1984 Topps set, mostly because the Mattingly rookie was a huge chase card.

    You have some of the most incredible stuff. How you find these things is beyond me.

  2. Motherscratcher, I'm actually independently wealthy and I spend all my free time scouring the entire world for Cleveland Indians items! Actually the Nestle's cards were a recent ebay purchase.You don't know the half of it though.I'm reorganizing some things right now.When I'm done I'll take some pictures and maybe do a post.

  3. I love the Nestle cards! :-) I don't think I knew they were sold in sheets though! That explains why some fit kinda snuggly in my pocket pages!