Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Tribal Snack From Mark's Ephemera.

Speaking of ephemera, these would not last long at my house! I'm a type II diabetic so it's a good thing Mark only sent the cardboard from the box, as protection for the cards inside. I have managed to keep my A1c down around 6, but these stretch the limits of my will power.

I did a little trading with Mark's Ephemera and this is what I received.

First, a nice selection of Thomes, C.C. and Robbie.

I especially like the 1997 EX 2000 set with the transparent background.

Next up, Bill Glynn from the Topps Archives Ultimate 1954 set.
2004 Diamond Kings Tallet, Lee and Hafner.

Hopefully Hafner will put the Crown on this season!

The Lofton SPx photo came out very cool but the Nagy Finest didn't fair so well. It's a no-protector, refractor error card. From what I'm told, some of the no-protector's came with an "R" after the card #, indicating it is a refractor even though some of them (this one included) are not.
Cy Young comes from the 1994 Ted Williams Card Co. set. This is a very interesting set.If you are not familiar with it you may want to do some research. I really like it and it's one of the very few sets I collect.

One of you lucky bloggers out there will be receiving this card in the next few days.It is already in the mail. Hopefully you will pass it on.

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  1. I'm glad they arrived safely and didn't mean to tempt you with the packaging.