Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've spent the last week or so reading a lot of baseball blogs , thanks to dayf 's blog roll . That made it easy to read many different perspectives concerning our hobby and in most cases I came to one basic conclusion. Most of us really ARE a lot alike !! We love sports ,mostly baseball. We love collecting sportscards for what they are and not just because someone says " Joe Smith's " rookie card is worth $ 6,000,000.00 !! We have our own favorite teams , players , collecting habits and styles , yet we all come from different parts of the country and world with different lifestyles , age groups , incomes and family situations. Then as I read some of the comments , it's like we're all one big family ! It's just awesome ! We trade cards without worrying about how much the book value is although , obviously , we're not going to trade a Babe Ruth auto. for a 1996 Topps common base card. ( but if anybody does , I have a lot of '96 Topps ! ) We sometimes send cards to others just because we know that person is looking for something in particular , not expecting anything in return but knowing we may get something back , but not caring if we don't. We spend time looking at our cards , really looking at them , not just at the name and numbers but at the backgrounds , the poses , the props and wondering what was going through the player's mind and what was going on in the game. I just made arrangements with " Dinged Corners " this afternoon for my first legitimate blog trade and that made me feel a little more like an actual part of this whole family and I hope to stay in contact and even meet some of you somewhere. I've actually discussed that with a couple of people about the nationals in Cleveland . When I started my blog a couple months ago I really didn't know what to expect but I have been very pleased with what I have found ! I also had my wonderful wife take a photo of me and changed the picture so you can see who you are reading and writing to ! ( hope that doesn't scare anyone away ! ) Well , enough for now . I have to check on what the Tribe is up to and prepare for the next post. Thanks , BASEBALLDAD - ALL TRIBE BASEBALL

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