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Through these doors you'll find stories of some of the greatest sports legends and heroes of all time ! All bonded together , after years of refinement , by possibly two of the most common things on earth . A stick and a stone . There are many thoughts , stories and ideas about the real origin of the game , but I don't think anyone really knows for sure. It's gone through many changes , some good some not so good , but the game still goes on. The likelihood of anyone reading this blog and not knowing what this great cathedral is , is minimal , but just in case , it's the...

Right !!

This post is about only one of the many men and women with stories to be told and he can still tell them.

The fireballing farmboy from Iowa , Bob Feller.

This is one of my favorite pieces. Stouffer's created this set of 5 " Legends of Baseball " to promote their french bread pizza in 1995 . Feller was the only Tribesman but was in good company with Yogi Berra (who also has an autographed version ) , Gary Carter , Don Drysdale and Willie Stargell.

The following items were all graciously signed in person by Mr.Feller , at no charge , during several appearances around the area.

I found this book in a small antique store for only $10.00. It's my next item to get autographed.

The 1949 Indians sketchbook with advertising as " The World's Champions ". I hope to see that in my lifetime.

Most of the regular players have a page of their own and Bob signed his for me.

The following is the remainder of my Bob Feller collection. Unfortunately I don't have any original cards but there are plenty of others available.

He even had his turn on a membership card.

I had to through in this final photo for David @ Indians cards and then some...

The Cooperstown chief of police and her Dodge Charger squad car.


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  1. Dawg, Indians cards, Bob Feller, and a HEMI?!!? I'm going to need some medication.... :-)