Sunday, January 25, 2009


I realize those two names don't belong on an Indians blog but I just wanted to share these items because I am a huge baseball fan in general , of course ," The Tribe " is always at the top of my list ! This item came out of the Plain Dealer this morning. I AM ready .

This Jeter puzzle/poster is a very interesting item . The 400 pc. puzzle measures 16"x 20" and behind it is a poster of the same design and size. This is a very clever item to me because I like jig-saw puzzles and baseball. I'm still doing some research to find out if any more are still available and if there are any Cleveland Indian themes . Can anyone help here ?

This item is are also very neat. It also measures 16"x 20" and is a 3-D motion picture similar to the old Sport-Flic baseball cards. The modern day technology is much better and the 3-D effect is really great ! The photo does not do this item justice .The white steak through the center is just a refection , the vinyl material is very flexible and is bowed slightly in the photo.These are available here :
The Pujols I have here is and older version and is now available as a magnet.There is an updated version of Pujols in the poster size. The best part is that there are items available for many different sports , teams and players.


  1. Here is an Indians puzzle, though not the same:*Win2PUZ-Cle

    I'm still looking...

  2. That's a great looking puzzle ! I've never really searched for them , just at store toy departments.I will have to check this place out. Money is a little tight right now though , as the recession has hit our dealership here in Sandusky.I got moved out of my clean , parts/warranty clerk position ,to back in the shop as a technician.I did this for 35 years but it's tough at my age !