Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well , this morning I had to shovel 8" of snow before I could go to work and it still snowed 'till about 3 pm. Then there was sunshine and blue sky on the drive home at 5:00 !! Only in Ohio .

At lunch time I saw a little bit of the story about Panini and NBA cards. Now , personally , I could care less about basketball cards but I'm sure they mean a lot to some people. I wouldn't want to lose Topps and Upper Deck in baseball cards either. The biggest thing that bothers me about it , is seeing more production leaving the U.S.A. and foreign companies moving in. Just like foreign cars . ( Don't EVEN get me started there ! ) I really need to find out more about this whole situation before I say to much but I just don't like the sound of it .

As far as baseball cards , I want to see what the recession does to the card manufacturers . As long as there are people out there who are willing to pay $100 and more for a pack of 4 cards , they will keep producing them. But if those investors can't find anyone to pay the big bucks for the auto's and relic cards they will look for some other industry to prey on. On the same note , we have to get more people interested in collecting and buying more of the lower end products so the card companies can still make a profit. Professional sports has to look at the whole picture too and be reasonable with their demands. That's where the greed steps in. Everyone wants to be a millionaire by the time they're 25 . My wife and I have been happily married for nearly 29 years . We don't have much ( and with me in the car business , it may become even less! ) but we raised , what we think , are two great sons and are now doing what we can to help get them through college. My next post will get into the details of my plan to bring more young , and maybe older , collectors into our fold. I touched on it briefly in one of my very first posts last fall.

Now , for more downsizing in the lighter side of the news , CARTOON of the DAY #3 !!!

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  1. Hey Jack, I hear you 'bout the snow. Of course, I was in Mexico this week and missed the mid-week storms. Your package arrived on Thursday and was a nice way to "re-connect" with the kiddo after a week out of the country.