Saturday, January 31, 2009


Brrrrr...... way to cold to go out today so I decided to experiment a little ! A few new colors and a new header , trying to brighten things up a little.

A couple months ago , in one of my first posts , I outlined a plan to , maybe , get some new collectors into the world of sports cards. David , at Indian cards and then some... , had some nice comments about it and now that I have at least a couple readers once in a while I would like to expand on the whole concept a little.

The first thing you need to know is that I live in a very small community , population about 2500. Although , this idea could work in larger areas , but may take more planning and manpower. We have a committee that is basically in charge of all of our summer baseball programs from t-ball to pony league. I 'm waiting to hear back from the president on my request for a list of managers/coaches for all the teams that sign up to play. Once I have that list I will contact each one and request to have a short meeting with them and all the players , maybe before or after a practice. I hope to have a pack of cards to give to each child and any adults who are interested.I'm trying to get donations from the chain stores and card manufacturers to help out there . I will also be handing out a flyer inviting anyone who is interested , to a meeting about sportscard collecting. There will be an R.S.V.P. so I know about how many to expect. Once we're gathered together and get acquainted , I will explain the fun and enjoyment I've had , and still have , with my sons ( hopefully they will be there too ! ) and how you can make new friends and have a really good time without drinking , doing drugs or playing video games and watching tv ALL the time .I will have samples of various types of collections such as sets , players , teams and explain that your collection is only limited to your imagination. If I have enough packs left , I would also like to hand out another one to everyone who shows up. Then I can explain trading cards to get the ones you really want and to get rid of duplicates. I also want to start sort of a "club" and have meetings or a card show once a month , where anyone can come and look , trade , show , buy or sell their cards and just get together and have fun ! I don't know how much interest I can drum up , but even if I only get a few it will be a start. Any thought , ideas or comments will be greatly appreciated !

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  1. I think you're right, this is a great idea but probably something that works better in a small town. There are more than 2500 kids in my son's baseball league alone! Heck, the T-Ball program he's in might have a couple hundred! Now, it may work at the school / church level but there seems to be more kids trading Pokemon cards than collecting baseball cards. Sad eh?