Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One great thing about sports cards is that there are so many choices as far as what to collect. Actually , it's only limited by your imagination . Sometimes I like to have a little fun . Who am I trying to kid ! I always like to have fun . My wife tells everyone she has three children , two she gave birth to and one she married !! So here's a little fun with names. No offense to anyone here , remember , I'm just a kid !

I never followed football much , but I would've sworn Terry Bradshaw was a quarterback.

And who knew Pedro was a switch pitcher ! He really looks like a different person when he pitches lefty.

This guy has to be really old. My Dad , rest his soul , told me he used to listen to stories about him on the radio during the big depression. Some sort of space traveling super hero or something...

Sometimes after a storm you need an oil can to keep the hinges and joints free.

Whatever happened to Wonderful Terrific Monds ??

The manager's dream . A player that's always Ready !

And how about a couple of geese .

Some players are a little strange and some are born with a name just made to be a pitcher.

Some guys just have to share their names , like :

Johnny Ray Searage

Dan Wilson Alvarez and their cousins .....

Trevor and ...

Roberto Clemente Alvarez
I have some other subjects to follow !!

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  1. This was great fun!! Of course, I am partial to "Dave Henderson" myself... :-)