Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dinged !!

Winter has finally hit us , in North Central Ohio , and it came with vengeance ! Zero degrees when I left for work and snowed all day. After snowing all week-end too , I 'm ready to hibernate 'till spring. But then I walked in the front door tonight , smelled my wife's chili and cornbread and spotted a package in the day's mail and suddenly I was all warm inside ! My first blogger trade package , from Dinged Corners ! They were really fast with this. It was supposed to be the '07 Topps Jeter / Bush / Mantle card they posted a few days ago but the package was very thick ! Upon opening I discovered many treasures :

First the nice thank-you card with a terrific picture by Lucy. Thank you very much Lucy , you will be rewarded !!

Next , the card I was expecting ,with no "dinged corners ".

Then a very small pack of 1989 Topps American Baseball. I hadn't seen any of these for a while ! Produced for 2 years and sold primarily in the United Kindom ,these packs of 5 cards sold for 12 pence.

Walt Weiss -- 1988 R.O.Y.

H.O.F. 'er George Brett !! Nice pack.

Also a traditional 1989 Topps pack.

Cool , a tribe card ! And another H.O.F. 'er - Cal Ripken.
Sparky Anderson has a special spot too. When our sons were about 5 and 8 we got them a kitten. They were allowed to pick a name . They decided on Sparky because they liked Sparky Anderson !! When we told them the kitten was a girl we decided on Sparkle (technically ) but 17 years later we still call her "Sparky" , yes she's still with us ! Also in the pack were Don Baylor , Kirk Gibson -All-Star , Mike Scioscia and others .

Wow ! More Tribe members. " Red " Kress , a coach in the 50's after a playing career with several teams in the 20's and 30's. Chief Wahoo and good old Omar ! We really miss him .

It looks like Grady and Victor will match -up against C.C. in New York on opening day in the new Yankee Stadium. I hate to spoil their opening , but I have to root for my tribe !!

And last but not least , an Opening Day Victor and a nice Elite Extra Edition Beau mills.
Thank you " Dinged Corners " for the very nice package !!!

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  1. Wow, you got some great 'dingers' in there!! :-)