Sunday, November 3, 2013

Winnings From 30 Year Old Cardboard....but what's up with these two !?

  A while back,  30 Year Old Cardboard  had some cards to give away, and I was lucky enough to come out on top of the randomizer. ( I have to remember to keep sending randomizer that little spiff !)

The package was full of HOF'ers and stars. Here are some of my favorites !

Banks was a star when I was in grade school
 while Puckett and Ripken came along
 right after I got married.
Ah, the good 'ole days !!
Banks won consecutive MVP's in 1958 - 59.
Palmer won World Series in 3 different decades.
Williams played in over 1100 consecutive games, a NL record in 1970.
At first glance, in this photo, it looks like Gooden came to the plate without a bat!
Closer examination reveals the stitching of the ball
 between his fingers and the glove under his arm.
Now, can someone explain this to me.
Maybe I need another cup of Joe this morning.
These two cards are identical on the back.
Including the line at the top that says Topps Lineage.
Why does the chrome one say Topps Diamond Anniversary
and the other Topps Lineage ?
I know someone can help an old man who may be losing it !!


  1. Jenkins Topps Lineage Cards. The simple answer is the set was called "Topps Lineage" card on the right is the base card, the chrome "diamond anniversary" is one of the parallels for that set. They had about 4 different parallel sets for that set.

    Here is a link to the "Sports Card Radio" checklist for the set. It is a helpful site.

    1. Thanks ! I never followed Lineage that closely. I do use Sports Card Radio reviews a lot though.

  2. Never realized that Palmer won three World Series in three different decades. That's pretty cool.