Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Totally Undepressed by Nolan's Dugout !

A couple posts back I spoke of being "depressed" by a PWE from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes.

Of course, I wasn't really, he sent a great Astro card and some great Indian cards too !

But the one 1994 Fleer Indian he sent, led me to discover I was missing 11 cards from that set !

But, Kyle at Nolan's Dugout , (check out his collection !)  was the first to comment, and had 10 of the 11 cards I needed. I still need #112 Candy Maldonado, but I just received a terrific package from Kyle.

Here are the 1994 Fleer Indians Kyle sent.
But that was just a start.
A very nice Luke Easter reprint.
A Gold Winner Steve Olin card I needed !
A very cool Denny's Albert Belle hologram.
Even some 1993 OPC !
Pinnacle in a can !!
These were favorite of mine back in 1997-98.
I'm still trying to complete the set.
I haven't checked to see if I have the mates to these,
but they were on my want list !
Plus more oddballs !!
Not sure if I need all of these,
but they are great anyway.
Did I say odd balls ?
Now here's one I didn't know existed !
Fantastic Sam's.
There is even a contest,
I could win tickets to a 1988 Championship game !!
But, the most important card of the entire package,
 a simple base card that has eluded me for nearly 20 years.
( actually, I never really pursued it too seriously,
just one I never picked up ! )
Knock one more off the Thome Indian collection !!
1996 Flair
These were very nice cards.
Well, thank you very much Kyle !
I hope I can something that will make you just as happy !!

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