Friday, November 15, 2013

G reat C ards R eceived, L oved trade !!

Sorry about the pun in the title, tried to bold, italicize or
 colorize the g, c, r and l, but blogger wouldn't let me !
What a stack of cards from gcrl !

No, I am not going to make you look at every card !
I picked out some of my favorites
for your viewing pleasure.
Cool ! Another Charboneau for my collection.
I believe I have one of every "Super Joe"
card ever made, except for the 1982 Topps blackless
and 1982 Team issued, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" photo.
(not exactly a card) 
I have also, always been impressed by Jim Abbott.
I have a separate album for him.
I only have about 140 of approx. 500 known cards.
Thanks to Jim, I have added four more !
(I had the 1996 Topps)
There was a nearly complete set of 1994 Topps.
I did need these.
gcrl had a lot of areas covered in this trade.
There was OPC and players taking a break.
Defensive action plays.
Newer players.
Trick base running!
Base stealing. 
Steve Olin pitching with his elbow !
What a terrible loss this was to the Tribe family.
Shades !
1st Day Issues  and shiny !
Fake vintage, love these cards !!
And Real Vintage !
Love these too !
Rainbow candidates.
Minis !
Shiny logos !
One gold and one silver.
During our trade discussions,
Jim threw out this question :
" Do you like Kenny Lofton ? "
Really !? Is that a trick question ?
I feel a bipping on it's way !
I told him I was afraid to say,
but, Yes, I like Kenny.
When the package arrived, all I could think about
was what will I do with 10 0r 20 Lofton cards all the same !?
But then....
they were all different !
What a great box of cards !
Thank you very much gcrl !

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