Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Depressing PWE from 2x3 Heroes

Let's face it, we all love to see mail from other bloggers.

Anything from a PWE to big box !

You just know there is going to be something good in there somewhere.

One man's junk is another man's treasure. That's what they say.
And it couldn't be any truer than in the world of sports cards.

Carefully poening the letter, this is what I found :

( I purposely did not correct "opening" so you young guys
 and gals will know what you may be heading for someday
 when you approach my age !!)

Four nice 2K Tribe cards.
I like Victor's pose, signifying two outs.
Upper Deck "First Edition" Ryan Garko.
Upper Deck : "Let's slap some gold trim on and call it
"First Edition".
The collectors will never notice the photos !"
What ever !!!
In all fairness, I believe there were some different players.
Same with 2008 Topps Opening Day.
Different color makes it a whole different set.
I guess it's not really any different than all the parallels we have to chase now.
(We'll get to that in a minute !)
So was that the depressing part ?
No, not there yet.
Not sure if this card was an accident
 or thrown in for my son who collects Astros !!
Here is the prize of the PWE !
Ah, yes !
One of those d darn parallels !
This is a great orange parallel that I didn't have !
Thank you, thank you ! I have very few oranges.
Now the depressing part.
Good old Alvaro Espinoza.
1994 Fleer.
This card did not look familiar so I turned, grabbed my 1994 album and flipped to the Fleer section. Sure enough, I needed this card !!  Yea !!  But wait, I also grabbed  my sports card bible, the SCD Standard Catalog. This Fleer set has the team players all listed together in numerical order. The Indians go from card # 98 to # 123, or something like that.
I got to checking and I still need 11 cards to complete this set !!
How can I need that many for a simple '90's base set !!??
Well here's a list, if anyone has any of these , LMK !
98 Alomar, 102 Dipoto, 104 Fermin, 105 Hernandez, 107 Kirby, 108 Kramer,
 110 Lilliquist, 111 Lofton, 112 Maldanado, 116 Ojeda and 118 Plunk.
Thanks Jeff for the great cards !!
It really wasn't that depressing !
I know I still need a lot of Tribe cards.
That fact, my wife, family and new granddaughter, all get me through each day ! 


  1. Have them all except 112 if interested.

  2. If I were a Cardboard God, UD First Edition and Topps Opening Day would be gone. Although I'd make sure Topps kept the mascots set.

  3. Um was totally for his collection. Yeah - of course that would be why I included an Astro to a Tribe collector. Sure.