Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Three Star Mailday - Sandlot - GCRL - Facebook

Tonight I'm going to check out the cards from Joe over at The Sandlot

Here are a few of what was in Joe's package.

First a couple minor league cards :

When you see "Indianapolis Indians"
 you just kind of automatically think of Cleveland.
Indianapolis was associated with Cleveland
 from 1952-1956.
They lost $500,000.00 and Cleveland sold them !
The Columbus RedStixx were associated with Cleveland from 1991-2002.
However, this team was located in Columbus, Ga., not Columbus ,Ohio !
Minor League baseball is just so confusing !
Mark Lewis from 1991 Score Traded.
Dion James from 1991 Donruss
2001 Topps Opening Day
Change the color, change the name
 and you have a another set for us to buy !
Here we go !
Jack Morris and his "stash" did make a stop in Cleveland.
This is a sharp card !
2001 Donruss Signature Series.
Kenny Lofton
2013 Pinnacle Trevor Bauer.
Hopefully he will get righted around in the off season.
We definitely need him next year !
Retro Vintage !!
2005,1973 Topps Buddy Bell.
REAL Vintage !!
Very cool, one of four 1960 Topps Indians I need !
Now I need to find :
#279 Chuck Tanner
#324 Jim Perry
# 441 Gary Bell
I love logo cards, so we'll end tonight's post with this one!
Thank you Joe, for the great cards.
Especially the Score !

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