Monday, May 2, 2011

Just got home from Illinois....

Lock the front door oh boy,

Got to sit down and take care of this mess ....

How did I get so far behind !??

So many things going on right now, Andy's getting married in about 7 ? weeks, he's looking at houses to buy ( that's why we were in Illinois ).

Maybe I can get started on some of this stuff now. The two boxes in the front of the photo are all trades I have to post. Some of the cards laying on the desk are trades I have to send out.Some just have to be sorted and put away.

The white paper with pink highlights is my list of of Topps Diamond Giveaway Rings. I'm over halfway there now ! 32 different rings.

I apologize to all for not not keeping up with posting as of late. I promise to do better !

Received an Al Rosen autograph today ! Thank you very much, will get it posted asap !

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