Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trade with Marie Bay - Might be worse than bipping !

I received a small bubble mailer this week.

I saw the VC NY and immediately knew who who it was from !

Marie from A Cardboard Problem.

Marie and I have done a number of trades over the years.

Most of the time it's not trading, per say, we just send each other random stuff we know the other one will enjoy.

Enjoy ?!

I opened the package to find this !!!

MARIE !! Why...what the... wait a minute.... I mean....Go Yankees !!
I gotta' admit you got me there !! LOL

The rest of the contents, though, really made up for the Bronx cheer.

2011 Topps Attax and Bowman Grady Sizemore.
2011 GQ Tris Speaker (I actually had two of these but gave them to my two sons ) so I need that.
And a very nice Bowman gold Carlos Santana !

Next, a 2009 OPC Kelly Shoppach highlights card I didn't have.
Another Grady,2010 Topps Opening Day
2010 Topps Heritage Fausto Carmona. Absolutely devastating pitcher if he can just get more consistent !

Marie opens a lot of hobby material and always saves some wrappers for me.
After all, she used to be "Covered in Wrappers" !

Well, thank you very much Marie ! On the fourth of July I'll be up behind home plate, with my Bob Feller bronze statue giveaway, watching the Tribe kick butt !! Let's see, who do we play that day !!??

Oh, and eat your heart out young lady !!

Below are my two latest hit pulls. The first from a Walmart Topps Value box and the second from, believe it or not, a K-Mart half price blaster I bought in Detroit !!


  1. Nice Jeter ... grumble, grumble

  2. Dude, that was not very nice to do to the young lady... Heheh