Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Success

I've been playing the Diamond Giveaway game right from the start. I have 46 cards and 45 unique rings. I have acquired 20 Indian cards, through trades, that I need for my collection.

A couple days ago

I finally dug up a hit !

A Chris Carpenter die-cut.

But, as thrilled as I was with this card, it really didn't fit into my collection.


I hit the trade lists to see who was available for the Tribe.

Let's see, there's Santana, Carmona, Choo, all die-cuts.

But I settled on Grady !!

It only took a couple hours for someone to take me up on my offer !


  1. very cool...I had the same thing....dug up an Aaron Hill diecut...traded it for a Tiger....Max Scherzer

  2. Nice and congrats. I have had almost no luck with Diamond Giveaway, 18 tries only 1 older than 1973 (1960 Gene Stephens) and no die cuts.

    I think that is one of the black diamond variety that gets you free shipping, but I am not positive.

  3. I was pretty lucky, got two die-cuts in about 25 digs, one of which was a Rivera. Doesn't fit my collection either so I was able to work out a deal for some vintage.

  4. I have a few virtual Indians to trade.

    61 John Romano
    79 Ron Pruitt
    88 Joe Carter

    Offer me something same year or older and I will take it. Preferably Red Sox. I would even trade for newer Red Sox.

  5. I don't even remember which cards I have come up with, but they aren't anything like a die cut Grady (even in trade form)! Sweet snag!