Thursday, April 14, 2011

Topps Million Card Indians and Diamond Card Trades

I had a lot of fun with Topps Million Card Giveaway. I managed to turn all of my cards into Indians through trades. I didn't pay to have every card shipped as some were very new and I already had them in my collection. The ten cards below are the ones I did receive and I was very pleased with the condition ! I really thought some would be kind of rough but only a couple showed slightly excessive wear or damage.

The 1958 George Strickland was the oldest card. It has one slightly dinged corner and a small spot on the bottom edge.

1966 Max Alvis. Corner wear and a couple very slight creases in the upper left corner.

1967 Tom Kelly. Slight creases on the right hand side and what looks like some gum residue on the left.

1969 Richie Sheinblum. This card is literally mint condition physically. If not for being so far off center it would be perfect.

1970 Barry Moore. Overall, very good condition. Very small raised water? spots and a very slight crease half way down on the right side edge.

1970 Chuck Hinton. Another almost perfect card. Again, a little off center, and a couple lightly dinged corners on the bottom.

1977 John Lowenstein.Nearly mint card but with poor centering. We're used to that in vintage cards though !

1979 Bernie Carbo. As with several others, nearly perfect, but cut way too close at the bottom.

1979 Dan Briggs. This was the only card I already had in my collection. Condition wise, about the best card I received.

1979 All-Time Record Holders Wins. This was the worst card, as far as condition, of the whole group. Several creases and damaged corners.

That's my share of the Million Card Giveaway. I was very impressed. I just wish I could have gotten some older cards but I'm more than happy with my haul.

Below are the cards I currently have in the new Topps Diamond Giveaway program.They are all available for trade except for the 1973 Rusty Torres. If anyone is interested in trading, send me an email or leave a comment with what you can offer. Again, I would like to trade for Indian cards but I may consider others.

I have no duplicate rings to trade at this time !


  1. Wow, you definitely have a lot of cards! I hope they net you some good Indians cards!

  2. Awesome. Also, that '66 Topps Max Alvis card brings back memories. I sent him that card to autograph as a teenager.