Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sparkles to trade and $ 1.59 PACK HIT !!

My wife had to work late tonight so there was no hurry to get home. I knew I was having leftover split pea soup for supper, which is a good thing on a cold night like tonight.It's home made and Rachel is a terrific cook !

So when I leave work I pass right by Target, Sandusky Mall, Meijers, Walmart. K-Mart and another Walmart.Plus a couple drug stores that sell cards. The temptation was too great.

Stopped at Target because the last time I was there they had no 2011 Topps packs yet, just rack packs. The wrappers are different than Walmart so I have to have some from both places.
I grabbed two packs, hoping for some sparkly cards.They also have a box full of older misc. packs for $1.59 each.

So I picked out a 2007 Ultra and a 2008 Stadium Club. I really miss both of those brands.

The Ultra pack was pretty plain except for a Cal Jr. Iron Man insert. The following was the Stadium Club pack.

Torii was certainly in a good mood here. The card said he had 4 HR's in his first 8 games with the Angels in 2008. I guess that would make you feel good !

Gotta' love the foil names on cards. You can't look at a card and read the name at the same angle no matter how hard you try. This is Eric Hurley's rookie with the Texas Rangers. The wrapper says one rookie card inside.

Roy Halladay. What a sweet draft pick ! After only four years he led the Jays in wins in one season (22), win-loss % and was third in career K's (1081).

From the Jays to the Rays with Carlos Pena, this being the First Day Issue version. I really like the shot here. Stadium Club had great photography.

And a complete checklist on one card. What a list of rookies : Hochevar, Barton, Adenhart, Kershaw, Longoria, Votto, Cueto, Galaraga, Buchholz and more.
Then there was still one more card.

I couldn't believe it ! I never pull cards like this, never !! Jonathon Van Every Gold Photographer's Proof Rookie Auto. #'d 32/50.

Granted, it's not worth a ton of cash, but it's always exciting to pull a card like this. Especially from a pack that cost less than $2.00 !

And now to the Sparkling Diamonds.

These seem to be hot topic for 2011 Topps.

I like some of them, but it depends on the background.

Angel Pagen, on top, is pretty busy. The crowd above the dugout is distracting to me.

Lars Anderson rookie on left is much better to me. The crowd has more color to the diamond effect and showcases the player better.

Darren Ford rookie on right. The right half of the card is terrific with the golden dirt, the emerald grass and dark fence is sharp. But the player? standing next to him, covered in silver diamonds, again is distracting and just a blob of silver.

Pedro Feliz I really like.The silver border and the mixed shades of green really make this card pop.

Daniel Hudson looks good too. The green and gold make an excellent background.

So I really like some of the cards, others not so much. I'm not interested in collecting the whole set, but I do want all of the Tribe cards.
I would like to trade these to those of you interested in the set, but I would like to trade them for Indian sparkles. Does anyone have any Indian dupes they want to trade ?

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