Friday, February 4, 2011

Anybody got this card ??

I have two goals for this year as far as baseball cards are concerned.

One is to get better want lists posted here on my blog.

The next is to get my extra cards sorted so I can search all of your want lists and maybe make some trades.

I'm in the middle of a couple trades right now but having trouble finding cards.

Why ?? Because you can't have too many cards !! Just ask Hackenbush over at Can't have too many cards . Or Mr. J Mel at Closet full of cards . I always thought I couldn't have too many, but my wife seems to think otherwise.

Now I'm beginning to wonder. This is why I can't seem to locate cards to fill want lists.

Speaking of closets, when you walk into my baseball cave this is right behind the door....

.....ceiling to floor cards! Unfortunately none of them are of the really valuable type. Unless you're a set builder looking for a specific card.

The sad part is, that doesn't even include my collection !

So, I need to get these sorted to some extent so I can help you guys and gals add to your collections and you can help me finish mine.

Now, getting to the card I'm looking for.

The BIG and the small of it.

I'm sure some of you out there remember these !

Looks sort 'a like a regular pack in the picture.

Let's do a little size comparison.

See the little Frank Thomas down in the lower right hand corner?

That's not a mini.

That's a regular 1998 Pinnacle Field of Vision subset card.

The big version, about 13 3/8" x 19", is similar to the Museum Collection parallel.

I would like to find the regular size Museum Collection version.

Can anyone out there help me ??!!

I will try very hard to find something in one of those boxes that you would like to own !


  1. I have never seen a card that big. Holy Cow that's big but I guess that's gives a different meaning to the "Big Hurt"

  2. I got way too many cards.
    Waaaaaaaaaay too many.

    That one I don't got. I remember those well but I never even considered buying any unfortunately.

  3. HOLY BUCKETS! I'd love to see the Ultra*Pro page THAT baby goes in!

  4. That came at a time when I was completely away from the hobby. Wow! What big cards you have! LOL