Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Dallas Observer wants me ?? !!

What ? Why would they want a small time Cleveland Indian baseball card collector in Dallas ?

Well, actually it's my blog they want.

Well, one post from my blog.

Well, one picture from one post in my blog.

OK, so their food blog wants to lift one picture from my blog.

Are you confused yet ? I am.

About a year ago I did a post concerning a valentine I received when I was in grade school.
It has a baseball theme so I saved it all these years. This was the post

The food blog, City of Ate, connected to the Dallas Observer, some how found this post and wanted to use the photo of the valentine .They emailed me this afternoon to get permission to use it. In return, there is a link to my blog embedded in my name at the bottom of the picture ! You can view the blog, with my valentine, here.

It's not really that big of a deal. It's just kina' neat to think that someone found, and picked, my little valentine out of all the information available on the internet.

Plus, Valentines Day is special to my wife and I anyway. If you read the comment I left on the food blog you'll understand.


  1. Very nice. Now you're famous. And a very sweet engagement story.

  2. very cool. Awhile back, I was contacted by the publishers of Bob Probert's autobiography. They wanted to use a phot of Bob from my blog. I sent them the file, and asked if I could have a copy of the book. They took my information.

    I never heard from them again. But the picture is in the book, and no mention of me in the credits.... *sigh*

  3. Oh that's cool. The engagement story is nice too.