Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gold and Oldies from the South

Get it !? Gold and Oldies. Golden Oldies !! OK, I'm not much of a comedian ! Just a two-bit blogger and a very big baseball and Cleveland Indian fan.

On to some serious trading business.

McCann Can Triple, over at A Rookie Baseball Card Collector , had some 2011 Topps cards to offer and I quickly spoke up for a few of them.

The Lost 1955 Bob Feller card. In today's sets, Feller probably would not have been dropped for a couple years as he was back then. This helps make up for it a little. Hopefully they'll make a '54 card also.

I love the CMGR set. She sent these four which will go with the other three I already have.
I now have cards 1, 2, 6, 8, 14, 20 and 23. The trading floor is open for any other cards in this set.

Last, but not least, is this Matt Garza Topps 60 jersey card. I really like the design of this card, but the name and the print at the top are very hard to read. Do we really need the silver foil type ?

Thanks much to McCann Can Triple for sending these great cards up from South Carolina !!

The golden part of this post made it's way up from the neighboring state of Kentucky.

hiflew, over at Cards From the Quarry , sent up some golden Tribe cards that have found a good home in my collection.
I do not remember this Topps MVP promotion and definitely did not have this card !

Now we go back a little farther with a 1993 Top Prospect Mike Christopher and 2008 Josh Barfield gold versions.

Topps Gold from 1994, Charles Nagy and Jim Thome, two of the outstanding players from the late 90's Tribe powerhouse teams.

Continuing with Eric Plunk and Jose Mesa. Love the shades !

Still more gold with Kenny Lofton and Paul Sorrento.

Thanks to you too, hiflew, for the terrific Tribe cards.

I also sense a strong wind from the east ! Next time, I predict you will see some of the generosity of our favorite nocturnal bird, Night Owl !

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